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Christian Qvirin Lang
Senior Category Manager - Speciality Cheese & BSM

Christian Qvirin Lang

“To me it’s important to work for a company where we work towards having a bigger impact on the society we live in”

Global Brand and Category Director

Daniel Morales Gonzalez

“There is nothing more fun than doing something for the first time”

Daniel Morales Gonzalez
Radoslaw Kulaga
IT Release Train Engineer

Radoslaw Kulaga

“Everybody is welcome to bring in their own ideas”

Chief Transformation Officer

Nina Bjerring

"There are so many great colleagues in Arla and everyone has something to contribute with."

Arla Career Testimonial - Nina
Arla Career Testimonial - Eva Maria
Director, Head of Strategy & Design Supply Chain

Eva Maria Gattringer

"I have always had great managers, and they have taught me a tremendous amount of things."

General Management


"I believe that if you do things that you believe in, you get an unlimited source of energy. If you can operate from your strengths, you can do anything.”

Meet Mark



"I really enjoy working in a multicultural environment as it broadens your horizon and opens up new perspectives."

Meet Joris



"For us, it is extremely important to be daredevils and exploit the digital opportunities in innovative ways."




"The mentoring programme played a big role in how I have chosen to move forward in recent years."

Meet Sidsel



"Being part of the Corporate Strategy team, I have a great network of supportive team members around the world."

Meet Amaka



"I am very proud to work for Arla and I value the culture and its foundation. You don’t feel like you’re on your own as you’re always supported by a great team who is motivated by achieving great results and winning together as one."

Meet Anita

Marketing & Sales


"The freedom to explore new ventures in Arla is what drives me to get up in the morning and really give my best at work."

Meet Mahitab



"Here at Arla, it's all about grabbing the future and exploiting opportunities how to make a difference." 

Meet Kasper



"In my eleven years at Arla, all my managers have listened to my interests and outlined possibilities for my further development."

Meet Bouke



"What drives us is that we are forced to look towards the natural options. We are pushed to investigate new technologies and always develop."

Meet Xiao
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