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    Leaders in Arla do not just manage, they are true leaders who envision the future, engage people and deliver performance. It is these three traits that ensure that our leaders not only deliver great performance themselves, but also inspire others to exceptional performance and development. We believe that great leaders exist in every layer of Arla and in every business and function globally. In order to show great leadership you do not have to have direct reports.

    Leadership testimonials

    Nina on the importance of change

    "A change is most powerful when it is understood and done with others."

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    Leadership testimonials

    Mark on the importance of having a global mindset

    “A global mindset is about being curious and staying in the front line.” 

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    Eva Maria about joining Arla

    "I have always had great managers, and they have taught me a tremendous amount of things."

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    Employee testimonials

    Christian on the importance of social responsibility

    “To me it’s important to work for a company where we work towards having a bigger impact on the society we live in.”

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    My Arla Story

    Meet Martin

    "There are a lot of very competent people that can provide you help, guidance and information to succeed in your projects and tasks."


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