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We want to enable you to constantly develop personally and professionally. That's why we invest in providing the right framework for our people.


To keep growing our business, we know it is essential to provide an empowering environment that enables both personal and professional growth for all of our colleagues. So, regardless of where in your career you join us, we have development opportunities for you.

Build Commitment


"Building commitment is all about personal passion"

In Arla we all live and breathe

Our Leadership Behaviours

Leaders in Arla do not just manage, they are true leaders who envision the future, engage people and deliver performance. It is these three traits that ensure that our leaders not only deliver great performance themselves, but also inspire others to exceptional performance and development. We believe that great leaders exist in every layer of Arla and in every business and function globally. In order to show great leadership you do not have to have direct reports.

Living the Change


"A change is most powerful when it is understood and done with others"

Intellectual Power


”Create opportunities for growth by embedding an entrepreneurial spirit”


We lead with a global mindset and understanding of our organisation, bringing intellectual power and clear direction.


We show integrity and judgement, build positive relationships and commitment. At Arla, we live the change. 


We enable the team, add ambition and act decisively. We continuously develop ourselves and others. 

Our growth is Your growth

CHRO Ola Arvidsson

“At Arla Foods we know that there is a direct and unbreakable connection between the growth of our people and the growth of our company which is why we have such a strong and enduring commitment to creating opportunities for all of our people to develop their skills and unlock their full potential”

Global Mindset


“A global mindset is about being curious and staying in the front line” 

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This is the ultimate combination of a friendly yet professional culture – at Arla you don’t have to choose between the two.

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We offer a number of schemes and programmes for students and graduates across our business.

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