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We want to enable you to constantly develop personally and professionally. That's why we invest in providing the right framework for our people.

We are committed to unlocking the highest potential in all our people, and we encourage our colleagues to constantly develop themselves by either taking on more responsibility in their present role or by pursuing new opportunities within the organisation.

We know that to keep growing our business, it is essential to provide an empowering environment that enables both personal and professional growth for all of our colleagues. So, regardless of where in your career you join us, we have development opportunities for you.

We strive to stimulate our colleagues by offering new and exciting opportunities – local and international – to allow you to reach your full potential. If you feel that you are ready for it, at Arla we will provide the environment for your career to unfold.

We lead with our development and talent programmes

We reward your commitment and high performance. Every year we nominate many talented colleagues, from all areas of the business, to take part in our Talent Accelerator Programme. Nominees must have an aspiration to grow, be globally mobile and act as a role model. They will be offered a place on a programme that matches their specific role in the organisation.

If you are interested in our talent programmes for Student & Graduates across our business, click here.

Our leaders sense and fuel your growth

Leaders in Arla don't just manage, they are true leaders who envision the future, engage people and deliver performance. And it is these three traits on which we base our leadership programmes ensuring that our leaders not only deliver great performance themselves, but also inspire others to exceptional performance and development. 

We believe that great leaders exist in every layer of Arla and in every business and function globally.

Great leaders in Arla can be people leaders, project leaders, asset leaders, knowledge leaders or individual leaders, and they can deliver through direct teams or indirect teams. In order to show great leadership in Arla, you do not have to have direct reports.

Talent Testimonials

Click on the little arrow on the right if you want to read more on what the participants of our Talent Accelerator Programme say:


Morten has started his career in his home country Denmark, joined the German Arla office in 2014 for three years, and just recently took on the new role of leading the global accounting function. Being part of Arla for five years has strengthened his strategic mindset and focused his approach to creating alternative ways to move forward. He believes in the value of collaboration to enhance perspectives and achieve ambitious goals.

When and how did you join Arla and what is your position now?
I joined Arla in 2011 after a short period as an external consultant helping Arla with its mergers with Hansa and Milko. I was immediately impressed by the culture and I knew that Arla was on an amazing journey with significant development opportunities within the Finance area. Two years ago, I had the opportunity to take a global position and moved with my family to join the team in Duesseldorf as Head of Accounting for the Central European countries. Just recently, I became Senior Director heading the global accounting team.

How has the TAP programme helped you to grow your career?
Predominately, the TAP programme has given me with a much broader insight into Arla, the globalisation of the dairy indstury and last, but not least, myself. Furthermore, it has provided me with a valuable network across Arla - very useful in my daily work. 

What’s your next step?
Who knows - but the journey for Arla and, in turn, our Finance organisation continues and I'm sure there will be future opportunities in developing the future of dairy. 


Leticia is a 33-year-old chemical engineer from Spain who holds a PhD in Membrane Filtration Technology. In 2014, she moved to Denmark to join the Research & Development team. 

When and how did you join Arla and what is your position now?
After finishing my PhD, which was related to milk filtration, I couldn’t think of a better place to continue my career than at one of the world’s biggest dairy companies. Arla Foods, with its Scandinavian origin was a perfect match for me and in May 2014, I had the opportunity to start work as a Research Scientist in the Process & Technology team within Arla’s Research & Development department.

How is the TAP programme helping you to grow your career?
TAP is a very positive experience: it has helped me to learn more about myself and reflect on my professional career, the way I am working and the way I want to lead. We also had the opportunity to dig into the latest macro-trends and network with many colleagues from different parts of Arla.

What’s your next step?
Now I have a clearer picture of what motivates me and what I am good at I am identifying the type of roles within Arla which best match my skills set and to which I can contribute the most.

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