Payment Policy

  • The payment policy applies to all companies in the Arla Foods group and all supplier payments.
  • Our standard payment terms are 60 days.
  • Due date is calculated by applying agreed terms to the latter of valid invoice presented or goods receipt date. We pay invoices on our calculated due date.
  • If an invoice falls due during a weekend or holiday, invoices are paid on the following business day.
  • We prefer invoices through EDI or in PDF-format (read more about the invoice requirements).
  • We only pay correct invoices.


  1. If we face any disagreements concerning content of invoices, we claim full crediting along with a new corrected invoice.
  2. All invoices must be in accordance with our invoice requirements, otherwise the invoice will be rejected.


Download Standard terms and conditions as pdf  for:

Purchase of goods

Purchase of services

Sale of goods (UK)

Sale of goods (DE)

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