The Barn is strategy and creativity. The Barn is data. It’s media excellence and high-quality production. We build concepts crafted to speak to people, because everything we do is built on a strategic deep dive into our audience. 

We serve 40+ brands across markets, Lurpak®, Castello® and Starbucks® to mention a few, we have 130+ colleagues from everywhere in between the Philippines, France, and Argentina. And we’ve just begun. 

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We’re steadily growing our agency. We need more thinkers and doers. 

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“There’s a real agency feel here – the processes, the vibe, and the creative approach is like any of the external agencies I’ve worked at.”

Lex Remalante, Global Art Director

The ecosystem behind the ideas​

Owned media & Data

The Owned media & Data team is responsible for Arla’s state-of-the-art digital ecosystem and our owned media platforms. If it sounds like a lot, it is, because we cover everything from how our technical infrastructure is built and structured, to how our web content looks and feels, to how we can ensure we’re there in search when consumers need us. 

One of the pretty cool things about being part of this team, is to be able to dive into human behaviour in a food context. To be able to find unexpected patterns and surprising trends in our vast and ever-extending data foundation and turn these into insights that can be used as a strategic and creative foundation for our brands and campaigns. 

Owned media & Data
Bringing the right story to the right people

Welcome to the Creative team

Insights-driven creativity is our No. 1 focus. That’s why we have art directors, copywriters, producers and more from 8 countries in our team, because we hire creative specialists, and they don’t necessarily live right next door. We’d like to say our agency is the best of your typical external creative agencies, beautifully blended with the perks of an in-house agency; we build everything on strong strategic insights ensuring cultural relevancy, we build campaigns, and global brands, and we can test and shoot in our 205 m2 top-notch production studio. We turn briefs into insight-driven creativity-led ideas, hopefully sparking a goosebump or two. 

Welcome to the Creative team
Media Excellence & in-flight optimisation​

Digital Media

Being part of The Barn Digital Media means being part of a curious team with a love for nurturing collaboration. We’re global, we’re eager to test, fail and learn and we do that in close collaboration with the best creative and tech specialists in the business. The synergies we gain from daily interactions with our creative counterparts make it possible to be more agile and push the channels' limits.

Digital Media
Forging lasting relationships​

Account management & Strategic planning​

Join the Account Management & Strategic Planning team and you’ll join an ambitious, imaginative, and results-focused group of people. We work across markets on global brands (ever heard of Lurpak®, Castello® or Starbucks®?). We have our hands in every step of the process, from business planning for our brands, campaign strategy to creative executions, all while managing the expectations of the creative team and ensuring that the clients' needs are being met. 

We pick up the phone when our clients call and we make sure our campaigns are on strategy and that they make a difference to our clients' business. 

Account management & Strategic planning​

“Sky-high creative ambitions, strong creative profiles and a willingness to push for more,”​

Sean Rankine, Global Copywriter

“Having our in-house studio and top of the pop equipment makes creating assets fun, easy and just a little better, because we can test ideas, angles and tricks before actually shooting,”

Emilie Veillon, Associate Creative Director

“Collaboration. That’s the keyword. With creatives, media buyers, project managers, clients, and the best thing: they’re all my colleagues,”​

Ann Holm Pedersen, Senior Account Lead

“This place is amazing – I get responsibility, I’m trusted, and we have clients eager to work with us. And did anyone mention the fabulous Thirsty Thursday bars? the Friday Bars?”​

Liv Bossen, Senior Copywriter

“It’s not just advertising. It’s an emotional connection between Arla’s brands and their audiences,”​

Jeppe Fischer-Mogensen, Head of Strategic Planning

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