We take pride in every drop of milk

In Supply Chain, we take pride in every drop of milk we collect from our farmers that goes into great tasting products for people around the world to enjoy. 

The job diversity for our 14.000 colleagues in Supply Chain is big – from driving one of our electric trucks through the streets of Stockholm, negotiating a contract with a supplier on ingredients for skyr or using data at our dairy in Lockerbie to find energy savings.  

Our People is the largely hidden force behind the success of our great brands. 

We are proud of what we do and ready to create the future of dairy. 

We take pride in every drop of milk

“I started working in the Arla family almost 4 years ago, and I honestly must say that I´ve never felt so welcomed in any other company I´ve worked in. Every day is different and especially the past couple of years have been particular challenging for all of us with a global pandemic and war in Ukraine. I’m proud of our strong collaboration and that we always get through tough times TOGETHER” 

Marika, Site director 

Would you like to have a look at our current vacancies? Then please first spend 30 seconds listening to Torben, one of our farmer-owners. He will give you an introduction to our job database so you can easier access the vacancies you might find interesting.

We pour pride into producing great tasting products

Have you ever wondered how your favourite dairy products like cheese, butter, cream, yoghurt or skyr are all made from milk? When working at one of our dairies you help fill consumers shopping baskets with delicious and nutritious products every day. 

As you enter any of our dairies you immediately feel a shared sense of pride in our farmer’s milk, from the moment it arrives from the farm, until it leaves for the store.  

Whether you work at a production line, within the packaging department or maintain our equipment we focus on creating the future of dairy. This means optimising our processes to deliver high quality, healthy products using solutions that meet our strategic ambitions – often deep diving into the details of all things!   

In a fast paced, dynamic environment we never forget our foundation: Bringing value to our farmer’s milk while providing a safe and rewarding place to work. 

We pour pride into producing great tasting products

Collecting and delivering with care

Whether it’s collecting milk from our farmer owners, maintaining the quality of our products in our warehouses, or delivering customers, all the while planning to optimise the resources, we have in the best way possible, our logistics team covers it all!  

Like everywhere else in our value chain, we also take responsibility for creating a sustainable future by developing CO2 friendly solutions like fossil-free fuels, eco driving, poo powered trucks (yes, you read it right) or simply optimising our routes to drive fewer kms in the first place.  

How we feel about what we do is reflected in the sense of pride you hear when you stop for a chat with a colleague from a warehouse, or one of our drivers interacting daily with our most important stakeholders – owners and customers. Going to work should be safe, rewarding and fun. It’s as simple as that!  

Collecting and delivering with care

”It sounds like a cliché but working for Arla feels like being part of one big family. The other day I was delivering products to a customer when a colleague from the sales department popped out just to say hello to me. He had noticed that I was there and even though we are not part of the same function we care about each other” 

Morten, Driver  

Safety and quality is our foundation

Speak to anyone in Arla and they will tell you that our number one priority is keeping our people safe and ensuring consumers can enjoy our products knowing that the food safety and quality will be of the highest standard. This is engrained in our culture and in everything we do.

Whether it’s supporting our sustainability journey through delivering projects to reduce our impact on the environment, implementing innovative solutions to improve our colleagues health and wellbeing or even working to ensure we can send our products across the world for more people to enjoy – we’re proud to play a key role in enabling Arla’s future growth across the entire Supply Chain.

In Arla we’re passionate about our people, products and planet and working in QEHS (Quality, Environment, Health and Safety) gives you a chance to learn something new every day and work in a forward-thinking team that really makes a difference! 

Safety and quality is our foundation

Sourcing everything

In Procurement we are probably the ones who are in on most things in Arla. We source everything from the strawberries used in the skyr, to the milk cartons, the safety glasses used in the labs, the lorries in our fleet to the laptops we use in the offices. 

Each product, each service, every supplier, comes with a history that inevitably becomes Arla’s history and therefore, we strive to reduce costs, risks, environmental and human rights impact, whilst maximising process efficiency. We work to protect Arla from potential negative impact on our image, operation, or financial situation. 

We are passionate Procurement professionals with the tools and skills to do what we do best: Negotiate, collaborate and build relations. We work across levels and functions, when buying a product or service and we are not just looking at the needs here and now, but consider the whole life cycle.   

Sourcing everything

We have more than 3000 suppliers located in more 60 different countries

Did you know that our biggest cheese dairy is located in Bahrain?

Lurpak butter has been enjoyed by millions of people since 1901

10 million litre of milk goes out from our distribution centre in Hatfield (UK) every day


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