Invent what doesn’t exist

Arla is committed to creating products that delight customers and contribute to healthier, more balanced lifestyles. We also want to develop new products that cater to local tastes and preferences, respond to emerging trends and opportunities. Which is why we have a dedicated team of colleagues – and a purpose designed building – to focus on research, technology and innovation. Here, we push the boundaries of science and technology to create an exciting future for both dairy and food in general. Part of creating the future of dairy is imagining what could happen next. 


We’re in the third largest food cluster in the world. And I can see cows in the field outside my office window.” 

Mette Christensen, Head of Science Strategy & Portfolio Office

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The rich promise of technology

Although perhaps best known for new products and flavours, Innovation also focuses on developing, implementing and managing various technologies across the business. We identify and evaluate emerging technology and assess whether it can be put to good use, in a range of business units. Our objective is to foster an experimental culture in a way that will improve the productivity, efficiency and profitability of Arla, with sustainability in mind.

The rich promise of technology

Science to feed the world

We strongly believe that dairy has a fundamental role to play in creating a healthier world. So we work tirelessly to demonstrate the benefits of dairy as part of a healthy diet. We focus on how our raw materials and ingredients can create the desired taste, functionality and shelf life, while still delivering on nutritionThis leads us to form partnerships with academia and suppliers, to keep us at the forefront of research. 

Science to feed the world

Research & Innovation

Innovation is the engine for growth in Arla. We create new products that delight consumers and help them live a balanced, healthier life. At Arla, our R&D teams push the boundaries of science and technology to build a bright future for dairy, and food for everyone.

Turning great ideas into successful launches

We not only listen closely to our customers, we translate their needs (even those they don’t think they have) into products. The good product ideas need to fit with consumers’ diverse nutritional targets, lifestyles and the way they like to touch, feel, taste and enjoy food in their daily lives. This is a detailed and meticulous process which starts with colleagues collaborating about good product ideas, testing concepts and recipes, studying ingredients, investigating how to make the product, piloting production and then eventually commercialisation. As you can hear it is quite a long process! Our product development colleagues are here to ensure that our new ideas become great products that people love.   


Re-thinking packaging

Although the fundamental purpose of packaging is to protect the product and ensure remains easy for the consumer to use, it is increasingly in the spotlight as sustainability becomes a priority. In order to respond, we needed to bring in a broad range of skills and disciplines to develop new formats that are price competitive and compatible with large production lines at over sixty dairies. On a daily basis, our packaging innovation team tests new materials and technologies with Supply Chain. Or collaborates with academia, suppliers and start-ups. And constantly monitors the changing legislative landscape. 


Appealing to all senses

We want to delight our customers by designing memorable, exceptional product experiences. We want to exceed their expectations when it comes to taste, texture, packaging and nutritional value. To achieve this, we have our specialized Product Experience and Design team including trained expert tasters in Denmark, Sweden, UK and Bahrain. Together, they not only ensure our products surpass consumer taste standards but also actively engage with consumers to gain insights into their reactions to new Arla product concepts.

Appealing to all senses

5.8 mEUR Investments in external research projects and collaborations  

Approximately 100 live external research projects and 500-600 consumer-facing launches annually  

One global innovation centre with hubs in 7 countries and more than 300 experts working together as one

More than 20 different nationalities share high employee satisfaction

Possibly the location with the best view overlooking some of our cowleages