Farmers on a mission

Since you’re here, you must care about sustainability. So do we. Perhaps you’re wondering how we work with things like food waste, recyclable packaging, sustainability actions within dairy farming, or nature conservation? Learn more by following our products step by step all the way back to their (grass)roots.


We believe that dairy can be part of sustainable healthy diets, and with all of all of dairy’s nutritional goodness, we strive to help you - and the world’s growing population - eat well. How? By offering tasty and affordable food for you and your family. We also help, engage and educate on how to cook and eat healthy, and provide tools for you to tackle food waste.

The packaging

Packaging makes your food stay fresh for longer. And we want our products to be good inside out, so that you can feel good enjoying them. That’s why we’re heading for 100% recyclable packaging in 2025 and zero fossil- based virgin plastic by 2030. At the same time, we are working hard to make our packaging easy to finish and recycle so we can keep them in the loop.

The transport

We want to deliver the products to you with minimum emissions. We’re not there yet. But our aim is a fossil-free fueled internal logistics setup by 2030. How? By switching to electric trucks and vehicles powered by renewable sources - in some markets we are even testing biofuel made of cow poo. Also, we focus on route optimization and train our drivers in eco- driving.

The Dairies

It’s at our dairies the true magic happens. This is where raw milk turns into your tasty, affordable, nutritious food. Now, our goal is to reduce the CO2 emissions from our production with 63% by 2030 compared to 2015. How? Mainly by making our dairies more energy- efficient and changing to renewable energy sources. All while working hard to minimize food waste at our dairies.

The farms

It’s at the farms we can make the biggest impact. So, being a farmer-owned cooperative, we inspire and push each other to constantly do better. That’s why we’ve launched FarmAhead™ Incentive. Simplified: the more each farmer in the program does to reduce the climate impact and improve the protection of nature and biodiversity, the more the farmer gets paid for the milk.

The cows

Who’s to thank for our tasty nutritious products? The cows! They are our heroes and should be treated as such. Our quality assurance program, Arlagården, ensures good animal welfare with frequent health check-ups, nutritious feed, enough space and, well, simply put a good cow life. And guess what? Healthy cows equal more milk of high quality.


As farmers we are dependent on nature. So, we take care of our land and evolve with respect for our surroundings. Farmland is home to insects and plants that are important for our ecosystems, so we focus on protecting our soil, improving biodiversity, and exploring innovative farming methods. We continuously work to leave our farmland in better shape for the next generation.

Arla's Climate Ambition

Our climate ambition is to become carbon net zero by 2050. On the road to net zero emissions, we are committed to reducing CO2e emissions significantly by 2030:

*Approved by Science Based Targets initiative

Arla's Climate Ambition