Comprehensive dairy training


Our Dairy Technology Foundation Degree is backed by the whole dairy industry with the aim of equipping tomorrow’s workforce with the specific skills they need. We want to educate Dairy Technologists to become not only familiar with the fundamental principles of dairy production processes, but also innovative, creative and confident enough to develop the UK dairy industry.

We provide comprehensive dairy training for up to 3 years, with block placements at Reaseheath College in Cheshire. You will spend 4 weeks in Years 1 and 4 weeks in Year 2 at College studying dairy theory, science and practical skills. The remainder of the time is spent hands-on at one of our dairies applying skills practically, following a structured work and training programme.

The College programme covers a broad set of topics and is structured as follows:

  • Food & Dairy Safety
  • Milk Chemistry
  • Quality Assurance
  • Milk and Dairy Derivatives as Raw Materials
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Milk Microbiology
  • Dairy Engineering
  • Milk Processing
  • Butter and Milk Fat
  • Process Control & Plant Automation
  • Environmental awareness
  • Project Delivery

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