Research and Innovation

Innovation is the engine for growth in Arla. We create new products that delight consumers and help them live a balanced, healthier life. At Arla, our Research & Development teams push the boundaries of science and technology to build a bright future for dairy, and food for everyone.

Innovative products for everyone

Our research and new product development teams work together to build on science, new technologies, local knowledge, consumer tastes and regulatory networks to develop formulations for launch – for example, into a new market.

Innovative products for everyone

Research at our world-class facilities

At Arla Innovation Centre, along with product development teams in the UK, Sweden, China, Germany, Netherlands, Finland and the US, we passionately innovate from farm to plate to create the future dairy products to the world. We do this with state-of-the-art science and consumer labs and a 2000 m2 pilot plant, with more flexibility to install any type of process needed for our innovation projects.

The Innovation Centre is at the heart of the Danish Food cluster – ranked first in the EU in terms of business investment in food and drink R&D – and our researchers are strongly connected, and make innovation happen, all across Arla and its markets.

Our best results are created in cooperation with others

Through Open Innovation we work closely with suppliers, universities and specialist technology companies (e.g., SMEs and entrepreneurs). We value how they contribute with their knowledge and expertise to fast-forward our innovation projects.

Our Open Innovation team makes sure that innovation opportunities from external partners are fully evaluated and, where possible, integrated in the Arla innovation projects.

Arla’s university research is global

We partner with key opinion leaders and scientists working at the front end of science and technology applied to: dairy health and nutrition, product formulation, and sustainable dairy production methods.