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Press release
Dec 16, 1999 16:00

MD Foods and the Swedish dairy company, Arla, have notified the authorities in a number of countries about the merger between the two companies. This has been necessary because the two companies'...

Press release
Dec 16, 1999 15:59

Managing Director Jens Bigum describes the result for the year as "acceptable" considering the developments in the international market and the tough battle for market shares during the first half...

Press release
Dec 16, 1999 15:58

Group figures (DKK m) 1998/99*)1997/98 Net turnover 25,38123,771 of which abroad 16,17715,138 Result after tax 762490 Number of staff 13,60413,218 *) 53 weeks With a Group result of DKK 762 million...

Press release
Dec 10, 1999 09:11

MD Foods Sweden is celebrating the new millennium by launching a new 1 kg variety of Høng Brie. The product went on sale in special millennium packaging in December.

Press release
Dec 03, 1999 09:57

On November 10, 1999, Kolding Export Terminal obtained ISO 9002 certification. This means that the continuous chilled chain from the reception of milk to production of cheese and delivery to the...

Press release
Dec 03, 1999 09:55

MD Foods will lend a helping hand to tens of thousands of British housewives during the busy Christmas period when so many families enjoy cream with a dash of scotch, cognac or amaretto together...

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