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22 November 1999
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MD Foods and the other organic Danish dairies are launching the largest individual campaign for organic dairy products ever in Danish history. The campaign will be accompanied by the launch of a series of organic products in selected export markets. The two initiatives come at a time when approximately 40% of Danish organic milk is actually sold as organic milk products.

In 1998/99, MD Foods received 210 million kg of organic milk, a figure which is expected to rise to 300 million for the current year. The summer of year 2000 is expected to see further increases.

Although 45% of Danish milk consumers buy organic milk, only 20% do so consistently. "The remaining 25% is where we'll find our new customers," says Product Manager Jesper Friis Sørensen, MD Foods. "Whereas the 20% group chooses organic products for idealistic reasons, consumers in the second group are more pragmatic. They base their purchase on what they get out of it."

Jesper Friis Sørensen does not expect to see any significant expansion of the organic range within the next twelve months.

"Future organic sales must be driven by the sale of milk," he said. "This is the area where we will be able to attract new, organic consumers."

With milk currently accounting for 90% of sales of organic dairy products, it is the Danish dairies' organisation, Danish Dairy Board, which is spearheading the campaign due to roll out in mid-January 2000. The campaign comprises a general promotion of organic milk as well as more brand-specific marketing on TV and in women's magazines.

In the UK, TV commercials and a new homepage for the Harmonie organic range will promote organic products too.

"There is a clear interest in organic products among British multiples and consumers and we intend to translate this interest into sales," says Group Director Kim Nielsen, MD Foods." As MD's range of organic products in the UK includes butter, cheese, yoghurt and fromage frais as well as some liquid milk sales, we're facing a major task of informing consumers of our organic range."

In the German market, a major retail chain has listed two organic cream cheeses from MD Foods and further sales will begin in January. Organic butter and two organic sliced cheeses from MD Foods are also available in Germany.

Organic milk volume compared to MD Foods' sale of organic liquid milk.

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