Emmental & Cream Cheese

Chicken Sandwich

with sundried tomatoes, Arla Emmental
and Arla Cream Cheese


Serves 1
Half a baguette
2 slices of Arla® Emmental
50g Arla® Natural Cream Cheese
0.5 big grilled chicken breast (6 slices)
25g of sundried tomatoes in oil
4 slices of red pepper
2-4 salad leaves
Salt and freshly grounded pepper


  • Slice the dried tomatoes and mix them with Arla® Natural Cream Cheese, salt and pepper
  • Spread the cheese mix on a baguette slice and top with salad greens, slices of red pepper, grilled chicken and a slice of emmental
The simpler the better


Four natural ingredients is all it takes to make Arla Cream Cheese. Only four - and no artificial additives! If you like the simple things in life try Arla cream cheese and taste the difference.

Cream cheese

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