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Our F15 Graduate Programme

Future leaders wanted

A future leader is a forward thinker. Passionate to deliver results and driving change. Ambitious to grow with a “can do”-attitude. Ready to go ahead and take the lead.

As a Future15 Graduate you are expected to become one of Arla's future leaders and help shape our business moving forward. The F15® Graduate Programme is a fast-track leadership programme that includes three different eight-month rotations. Rotations will be in different business areas and various locations where you will get to work on high profile projects to boost your professional and personal development to prepare you to move into a key role in Arla's global business at the end of the programme.

We will nurture your talent for becoming a future leader in Arla, and among other things, you will learn how to be a high-performer in a global, farmer-owned FMCG company. Being part of a graduate programme in Arla Foods is truly special and is a fantastic opportunity to kick-start your future career.

Become a F15 graduate at Arla Foods

Applications for the F15 Graduate Programme starting in 2023 are closed. We expect to open up for applications in November 2023 for graduates starting in September 2024.

Steep learning curve

Training camps accelerate your growth

Apart from covering your role, being part of a leadership programme means that you will be invited to join assigned training weeks in different markets, where you receive leadership training combined with deep insights into Arla’s strategy, operating model and the local businesses. Besides that, on-the-job as well as functional trainings will be closely linked to your role in the organisation.

To kick-off your development journey, the F15 Programme starts in September in our Headquarters in Denmark with a thorough introduction course to the various fundamentals of the Arla value chain - what we call ‘From Cow to Consumer’ and the first training camp on Leading Self.

Following training camps on Leading ChangeLeading Others and Driving Business will round up your leadership capabilities so you are well prepared for your first job in Arla at the end of the programme.

Insight to the training camps

During your two years as a Graduate in Arla you will attend four training camps to prepare you for your leadership journey ahead. Get a glimpse to one of the trainings weeks in this video where our 2020 Graduates visited the Leeds office in the UK in April 2022.

During the training week the Graduates met current leaders in Arla UK who gave some insight to the characteristics, goals and challenges for the UK market.

Furthermore our Graduates attended courses to prepare them for their transition into leadership roles, faced some of the challenges of becoming a leader, solved business cases, visited the local production site of Stourton, and a lot more…

Accelerate your growth

F15 Programme Structure

A fast-track leadership programme consisting of three different eight-month job rotations including four 1-week training camps supported by four webinars and a business case. 

Keeping you on track

Personal development and coaching

During and at the end of each rotation, your development manager will evaluate your performance and behaviour in the current position: Do you reach the set objectives? How do you navigate in your role? What do you do to reach your own development goals? This input as well as your personal development plan will provide the base for the conversations you will have with a professional coach to bring focus to your strengths and areas for improvement. 

Learn from Arla talents

Your personal mentor

Throughout the F15® Graduate Programme, you will be supported by a personal mentor who is a Senior Manager or Director in Arla and who will guide you on your Personal Development Plan, help you build strong networks with colleagues and decision makers and provide professional and personal sparring where needed. Visit the Graduate Blog to read how valuable a mentor has been for two previous F15s Clara and Sarah.

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Sharing experiences

Our graduates on the blog

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