What we offer

Take the lead. Drive the change.

As a F15 Graduate, you will have the opportunity to explore various business functions and work on diverse strategic projects. You are expected to become one of Arla’s future leaders and help shape our business moving forward.

We believe in your potential to become one of our future leaders in Arla, and we are committed to helping you develop the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to shape the future of our business. You will be encouraged to think innovatively, solve complex problems, and drive positive change within our organization. Your contributions will not only impact our bottom line but also influence our long-term strategic direction.

Being part of our graduate programme in Arla Foods is truly special and is a fantastic opportunity to kick-start your future career.

Why choose Arla’s F15 graduate programme?

International rotations
International rotations

We provide three eight-month rotations in diverse business areas and locations, offering opportunities to work on strategic projects for your professional and personal growth.

Your first rotation will be in Denmark, followed by two rotations in Europe and/or our International markets.

Grow as a leader
Grow as a leader

You get the opportunity to lean and to contribute at the same time. You are eager to learn and put your knowledge into action and we have fantastic colleagues who will help you do that.

You learn and develop our leadership competencies with a constant aspiration to take on a leadership position in the future.

Personal development
Personal development

In Arla we believe in stronger people, and in growing with Arla. We therefore prioritized a high focus on your personal development.

You will receive coaching and mentoring to ensure your professional growth and support throughout your journey with Arla.

Your future. Your growth.

The structure of the two-year graduate programme is designed with a focus on how you can fuel your growth and development.

Once selected as an F15®, we are ready to invest in your potential to hold a key position within Arla Foods in the future.

We offer you the best possible framework for this journey and regular feedback on your performance will keep you on track.

With the F15® programme you provide the talent, effort and determination and we provide the best environment and learning opportunities for you to develop and become a future leader in Arla. 

No career paths are the same – we need to find yours!

Our F15 graduate


"To be a world-class international graduate programme that fast-tracks graduates to become Arla’s future leaders and help shape our business moving forward"

– Ola Arvidsson, CHRO Arla Foods

The structure of the programme

Through three eight-month rotations, you'll gain a deep understanding of Arla by working in different business areas and locations. You will  tackle high-profile projects, where you will develop competencies within e.g., project management, problem-solving, and stakeholder management. Boosting your professional and personal growth for a key role in Arla’s global business.

Ready. Set. Future.



8 months – Denmark

Work on strategic important project across the business, handed in by the business

You have less influence on the project in first rotation



8 months – Europe or International

Work on strategic important projects across the business

You have more influence on your project in second rotation than in first rotation



8 months – Europe or International

Work on strategic important projects defined together with the business

You get to influence your project the most in third rotation

Your development

You will learn how to navigate in an international and diverse organization with numerous stakeholders and many types of challenges. You will be given responsibility from day one and the opportunity to influence people and projects to make your effort count. 

During and at the end of each rotation, your development manager will evaluate your performance and behaviour in the current position: Do you reach the set objectives? How do you navigate in your role? What do you do to reach your own development goals? Together you will learn, sense and discover where and how you should develop, in which direction you should focus and how to get there.

During your last rotation you will be provided with a coach, with whom you can discuss your strengths, areas for improvement and other challenge you might feel valuable to fuel your development.


Throughout the F15® Graduate Programme, you will be supported by a personal mentor who is a Senior Manager or Director in Arla and who will guide you in your development, help you build strong networks with colleagues and decision makers and provide professional and personal sparring where needed.

Visit the Graduate Blog to read how valuable a mentor has been for two previous F15’s Clara and Sarah


The training weeks will round up your leadership capabilities, so you are well prepared for your first job in Arla at the end of the programme. The training week will be conducted in different countries where Arla operates.


Introduction to Arla culture, understand the value chain “From Cow to Consumer” and get to know yourself and others.


Understand and apply our leadership competencies and get an introduction to one of our core markets.


Understand and apply our leadership competencies and get an introduction to on of our markets.


Understand and apply all our leadership competencies and celebrate two-year journey.

Build your network

When you join us, you will become part of a global workplace with more than 19,000 outstanding employees operating in 33 different countries on 5 different continents.

You are not just part of Arla, but you will be included in a diverse group of equally talented graduates, and you will build a unique network with your fellow graduates and colleagues accompanied by an exceptional support system.