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F15® Graduate Programme

Do you have a dare-devil and entrepreneurial mindset? Are you passionate about driving change and creating impact? Then the F15® Graduate Programme is the perfect way for you to fast-track your career!

The F15® Graduate Programme is a fast-track leadership programme that includes three different eight-month rotations. Each rotation will be in a new business area and geographical region and you will be responsible for either a project or a range of deliverables that are pivotal to our business strategy. From new market entries and product launches to supply chain optimisation, there is a wide range of functions and locations you will explore, making it possible for you to shape your own future career, while growing your strategic and functional skillset.

We will nurture your talent for becoming a future leader in Arla, and among other things, you will learn how to be a high-performer in a global, farmer-owned FMCG company.

The recruitment process for 2018 has been finalised. We will open the application window in November 2018 for the graduates who would  like to join us in September 2019. More information will follow.

Team trainings accelerate your development

The F15® Graduate Programme begins in September with a thorough introduction course to the various fundamentals of the Arla value chain - what we call ‘From Cow to Consumer’.
Being part of a leadership programme means that you will be invited to join assigned training weeks in international locations focusing on leadership skills, strategy, change and your own development. Besides that, on-the-job as well as functional trainings will be closely linked to your role in the organisation.

To anchor your new skills, you will conduct an innovation project with your F15® colleagues which you will pitch to Arla's executive management at the end of your programme. 

Performance reviews to keep you on track

During and at the end of each rotation, your host manager will evaluate your performance and behaviour in the current position: Did you reach the objectives and how? This input will inspire you to work with your Personal Development Plan and bring focus to your strengths and areas for improvement.

Arla Talents as your personal Mentor

Throughout the F15® Graduate Programme, you will be coached by a personal mentor from our Talent Acceleration Programme (Senior Managers and Directors) who will guide you on your Personal Development Plan and help you build strong networks with colleagues and decision makers.

For more information please visit our blog, where you can meet some of our current graduates and get their perspective on the F15® Graduate Programme.

F15® testimonials

Click on the arrow on the right to read more on what our present & former F15® talents say about the programme:


Julia is originally from Russia, and has already studied, worked and lived in seven countries – Russia, UK, Ireland, Singapore, Denmark, Germany and UAE. On gaining a bachelor degree in Economics from Moscow State University, Julia then went onto study the CEMS master in International Management. Currently, she lives in Dubai where she is focusing on her role as Commercial Excellence Manager.

When and how did you join Arla and what is your position now?
My path in Arla began just over two years ago in the best way I could have imagined – the F15® programme. I was extremely lucky to have my three rotations in completely different functions and countries – Business Development in CIN in Denmark (now ’International’), Logistics Development in Germany and Marketing in UAE/Oman/Qatar. All three rotations gave me a lot of insights and experience that I am now leveraging in my new role as Commercial Excellence Manager in the MENA region. We have been given the exciting task of bringing the ’Perfect store’ to all our markets through a programme of improvement and efficiencies across all the business functions.

How has the F15® programme helped you to grow your career?
The F15® programme opens up opportunities not only to develop vital business capabilities and skills, but also the chance to build your network throughout the whole company and to use the amazing F15 community for your career development. Having been an F15, I will always be part of this community. You are never considered an ‘ordinary’ colleague, rather a hungry, ambitious individual who influences positive change in Arla and who is inspired by fantastic examples of other fellow F15s like Volodymyr Vovk and Dan Jardal – former F15s who already have an amazing Arla career (VP in KSA and Senior Director in Internal Logistics respectively) and are still striving for more.

What’s your next step?
My next step is to grow and excel in my current role and look forward what other exciting opportunities life in Arla will bring. My next ambition is to secure a place on Arla’s Talent Accelerator Programme.


Originally from the Southern part of Sweden, Daniel is a truly global citizen having lived in France and the US during his engineering studies and then having worked in the UK, Denmark and New York during his time as an F15®. Currently, he is living in Stockholm with his girlfriend, focusing on his position as a Logistics Manager.

When and how did you join Arla and what is your position now?
I started my career in Arla as a F15® in 2011. During the programme I had the opportunity to work as a Project Manager for complexity management in the UK, Global Brand Manager in our Head Office in Denmark, Business Development in our office in New York and with Logistics Development in Sweden.

Right now I’m responsible for the logistics function ’Strategic Transport Planning and Intermediate Transports’ which sees me managing an annual budget of 20 Million € and 11 colleagues. Our main responsibility is planning the daily delivery of Arla products to 5,000 customers in Sweden, in the most cost effective way, while still maintaining high customer service levels.

How has the F15® programme helped you to grow your career?
The F15® programme was an intensive career start to my career and an insight into a few different functions within the company. The global network that opened up to me during the programme has been very useful in my career.

What’s your next step?
I’m looking forward to a challenging role with more responsibility within logistics and I’m open to continuing my career outside of Sweden.

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