Meet our Head of Talent Acquisition
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Meet our Head of Talent Acquisition

Get to know Kasper, Head of Talent Acquisition, and learn what he is looking for when hiring talents for Arla. 

Kasper is Head of Talent Acquisition at our headquarters in Denmark and leads the Global Talent Acquisition team. He holds a master's degree in strategy, organization and leadership and has been with Arla in various HR roles since 2014. Kasper is known for always having a smile on his face and a joke ready – he keeps a cool head and a positive attitude, no matter how stressful times are. 

What are you looking for when hiring for Arla?

We are always looking for people who enhance the Arla culture, who can take the lead, who can collaborate closely with colleagues, and who can be daredevils changing the perspective on things. We look for diverse individuals with different backgrounds and working approaches. And above all, we need people with drive, persistence, determination and a go-getting mindset. No matter what role, we always want to hire people into our organisation who leave a mark.

What is a good candidate in your eyes?

Looking at the assessment phase of the recruitment process, a good candidate is somebody who clearly demonstrates why they want to work for Arla, and why they want to have this specific job. As a candidate you should always strive to outline which past experiences will be beneficial for the respective role. A great candidate is somebody who made a conscious choice to apply to Arla. 

“If you ask me if I have ever hired a candidate who did not meet the formal qualifications for a role, the answer is yes. We usually compromise on the professional qualifications if we sense that a candidate has a personality with potential. If candidates are comparable on the technical skillset, then we would always choose the one with the best potential to add value from their unique perspectives and drive our agenda forward."

How should a candidate prepare for an interview?

In my eyes, the three most important tips are:  

  • Research Arla to get an understanding of what kind of organisation we are. We are owned by skilled and passionate farmers. The core of our purpose is to add value to the farmer owners every single day.
    It’s also beneficial to demonstrate that you have a personal connection with Arla – maybe you could even try and experiment with some of our products the day before the interview.
  • Prepare on being able to talk about yourself. Think about your competences, your strengths and your weaknesses beforehand.
  • Prepare questions to ask at the end of the interview. Be curious about the job. The interview is in fact a two-way street. It is a chance for us to assess the candidate, but also for the candidate to assess us. There needs to be a fit from both sides.

Any further recommendations?

It is extremely important to put great effort into designing and customizing your application to the company and the specific role. All relevant information needs to be captured in the CV.