Interview and assessment
A two-way process

Interview and assessment

Remember that an interview is always a two-way process: The interview allows us to find out about your skills and experiences, but also for you to get to know Arla and the job in order to be able to decide if Arla is the right place for you to grow and develop.

Your initial meeting with us will most likely be with the recruiter via phone, and the second interview with the hiring manager on site. In some recruitments we also use video interview as a first interview step, or we invite to a virtual meetings via Teams. For specialist and manager roles, you will also be invited to complete cognitive and behavioral tests. If you are invited to do a test, you will of course always receive feedback. In most recruitments the test feedback session is part of the final interview where you will meet both the hiring manager and the recruiter.

We focus on diversity and inclusion in the recruitment process, and all our recruiters are competently supporting our managers in recruiting a diverse team of colleagues so that they drive the growth of their department.

Below you find more detailed information on our interview process which usually consists of the above steps. However, the interview process can vary according to the respective position and country. If in doubt, please ask the contact person on the advert or email

The interview process