A two-way process

Interview & Assessment

Interviews and assessments are led by our Talent Acquisition team in close cooperation with the hiring manager.

Remember that an interview is always a two-way process: The interview allows us to find out about your skills and experiences, but also for you to get to know Arla and the job in order to be able to decide if Arla is the right place for you to grow and develop.

Your initial meeting with us will most likely be with the recruiter via phone, and the second interview with the hiring manager on site. For specialist and manager roles, you will also be invited to a third interview. At this interview you meet both the recruiter and the manager, and often you will be asked to complete some tests beforehand on which you will receive feedback at the meeting.

We focus on diversity and inclusion in the recruitment process, and all our recruiters are trained to support our managers in recruiting a diverse team of colleagues so that they drive the growth of their department.

Below you find more detailed information on our interview process which usually consists of three different steps. However, the interview process can vary according to the respective position and country. 

Interview process

First interview

Selected candidates are invited to an initial interview. Typically, one of our recruiters will perform this interview by phone. All our recruiters are aligned to a specific function within Arla so they will always be able to give a thorough introduction to both the role and department. The recruiter will ask you to elaborate on your application and maybe ask a few basic questions. We will also ask you to complete a short ability test in connection with the first interview and you will always receive feedback on this from the recruiter.

Second interview

At the second interview you will meet the hiring manager. This will most often be during an onsite meeting where the hiring manager will give you a thorough description of the job and you will be able to present yourself – both your professional competencies and you as a person. At this meeting you will get the opportunity to ask all the questions you may have regarding the job in order for you to get the best possible understanding of “what it is like”. And remember, if you get the job you will always be a big influence yourself – depending on your strengths and competencies you will shape the job in a direction that no other candidate would. That is the opportunity for both you and your hiring manager.

Third interview

Following the second interview, for leadership and specialist positions, we select 2-3 candidates who we invite to a third interview.

At this interview we will continue the in-depth discussions about the job and your individual and professional qualifications. Typically, the hiring manager, as well as the recruiter that you met during the first interview, will participate in the interview.

To ensure that we gain a complete representation of you and therefore the best possible foundation for the final selection process, we use a range of assessment tools to assess skills relevant to the particular role. You will also be asked to complete an online personality questionnaire that reviews your behavior and preferred working styles. You will receive thorough feedback during the interview.

We believe that a thorough recruitment process is crucial to ensure that we hire the right person for the job, the team and Arla.

Be yourself and remember that everyone has competencies to further develop – and do not forget to tell us what makes you unique and what motivates you.

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