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22-02-2017  Arla Foods Annual Results 2016
16-12-2016  Clarification of year-end expectations
26-08-2016 Delivering strong results in tough times
23-05-2016 Arla successfully issues 1 billion SEK bonds
19-05-2016 Arla to sell Rynkeby Foods A/S to Eckes-Granini Group
17-02-2016 Arla Foods Annual Results 2015
05-02-2016 Arla creates a global organisation fit for the future
05-11-2015 Arla to sell juice subsidiary Rynkeby Foods
31-08-2015 Arla Foods Half Year Report 2015
18-02-2015 Arla Foods Annual Results 2014
28-08-2014 Arla half year report 2014
31-03-2014 Proposed merger between EGM Walhorn and Arla Foods amba
19-02-2014 Arla Foods Annual Results 2013

Arla Foods financial interim results 2013

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