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    07-05-2021: Arla Foods issues new senior unsecured green bonds of SEK 1,500 million and announces results from tender offer

    04-05-2021: Tender offer for Arla Foods Finance A/S bonds maturing 31.05.2021

    11-02-2021: Home consumption drives growth in Arla's brands during pandemic

    03-09-2020: Arla Foods half year results 2020: Arla delivers strong results as cooperative steers through global pandemic

    20-05-2020: Investor update

    29-08-2020: Arla Foods half year results 2019: Building momentum in rare market stability

    20-02-2019: Arla delivers turn-around after tough start to 2018

    30-08-2018: BoD proposes to pay out entire 2018 net profit to farmer owners... 

    12-06-2018: Arla successfully issues 1.5 billion SEK bonds

    21-02-2018: Arla Foods Annual Results 2017

    22-02-2017: Arla Foods Annual Results 2016

    16-12-2016: Clarification of year-end expectations

    26-08-2016:Delivering strong results in tough times

    23-05-2016: Arla successfully issues 1 billion SEK bonds

    19-05-2016: Arla to sell Rynkeby Foods A/S to Eckes-Granini Group

    17-02-2016: Arla Foods Annual Results 2015

    05-02-2016: Arla creates a global organisation fit for the future

    05-11-2015: Arla to sell juice subsidiary Rynkeby Foods

    31-08-2015: Arla Foods Half Year Report 2015

    18-02-2015: Arla Foods Annual Results 2014

    28-08-2014: Arla half year report 2014

    31-03-2014: Proposed merger between EGM Walhorn and Arla Foods amba

    19-02-2014: Arla Foods Annual Results 2013

    29-08-2013: Arla Foods financial interim results 2013

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