Milex nutritiuos milk powder

Through continuous innovation and uncompromising standards for the highest quality, our milk powder products provide the reassurance of a strong heritage while meeting changing needs of the modern family.

Product range

Nutrient content of our growing up milk products has been adjusted to reflect the particular requirements of your children. Two glasses a day of our "growing up milk" will provide your 1-3 years old child with up to 100% of the recommended daily intake of important vitamins and minerals.

Milex® full cream milk powder provide the essential energy and nutrition your family need for growth and strong health. These products are also favorites in coffee and tea, and for cooking and baking.

Fat Filled Milk Powder is made from high quality skimmed milk from cows and vegetable fat. Highly nutritious and a good source of vitamins, minerals and protein.

Low Fat Milk Powder has 65% less fat. These products are fortified with extra calcium for strong bones and teeth.

With our “Slim” products, you are making an active commitment to health and vitality. These products contain added Vitamin D and calcium and are non-fat.

History of Milex milk powder

The first 200 cartons of Milex® arrived in Honduras in 1952. Milex® has a particularly long history in Central America and the Caribbean where, in 2005, the brand celebrated its 50th anniversary in the Dominican Republic. Many mothers who give their children milk powder drank Milex® themselves when they were children.

Market and production

Milex® is one of Arla Foods’ international brands for retail packed milk powder. Milex® is a key player in the powdered milk market in several Latin American markets, which other than Honduras also includes countries like The Dominican Republic and Panama. 


Calcium in dairy

Many dairy products are very good calcium sources. Calcium is needed for normal growth and development of bone in children. For adults calcium is needed for maintenance of bone mass.

Our Responsibility

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