• Invoice requirements
  • Invoice addresses
  • E-invoicing
  • Invoices for all Arla Foods companies should be issued according to the following requirements and contain:

    • Supplier name
    • Supplier address
    • Supplier VAT number
    • Supplier bank account
    • Invoice address of the company in the Arla Foods Group to which you have supplied (Find address
    • Arla VAT Registration number
    • Address of delivery location
    • Invoice number
    • Arla’s purchase order number (if applicable) or initials/full name of the ordering person at Arla
    • Supplier's product number and name (if possible)
    • Description of products and/or services delivered
    • Quantity
    • VAT amount specified
    • Invoice amount
    • Currency

    If any of the above-mentioned information is missing, the document will be returned along with a request for a new, corrected invoice.

    Please find the relevant email address for sending PDF invoices and contact information for the Accounts Payable department via the link below.

    Find address