Invoice requirements

All invoices must be in accordance with our invoice requirements and contain:

  • Supplier name
  • Supplier address
  • Supplier number (if possible)
  • Supplier VAT number
  • Arla VAT number
  • Supplier bank account
  • Supplier’s product number (if possible)
  • Supplier’s product name
  • Invoice number
  • Invoice address of the company in the Arla Foods Group to which you have supplied See example 
  • Address of delivery location
  • Arla’s purchase order number (when relevant)
  • Quantity
  • VAT amount specified
  • Invoice amount
  • Currency
  • Initials + full name of the ordering person at Arla (not required when an Arla purchase order is used)
  • Arla’s product number – SAP number (required for EDI invoices)
  • Arla’s product name – short text (required for EDI invoices)

 If any of the above-mentioned information is missing, we will return the invoice and request a new corrected one.

Please note that invoices can be emailed (see email addresses below) in a PDF-file(only one per file). Be aware that the processing time for invoices in hard copy is up to 7 days.


Location of company in the 
Arla Foods Group 
Email address: 
(Only for sending PDF invoices. 
No messages are read)
United Kingdom:
United States of America:



In case of any doubts or questions - contact details to Accounts Payable department:

Generic mailbox address

Phone number

United Kingdom -

0048 587638316

Denmark -

0048 587638341

Sweden -

0048 587638315

Canada -




Germany -


Finland -

0048 587638371

Holland -

0048 587638328

Norway -

0048 587638315

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