Power Cow in Saudi Arabia

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10 June 1999
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A cow with supernatural powers is currently making a considerable impact on kids in Saudi Arabia. Known as the "Power Cow," the range is produced by MD Foods' Saudi subsidiary, Danya Foods and - besides the new product Power Cow cheese snacks - includes processed cheese in portions, processed cheese in glass containers and fruit juices enriched with calcium and vitamins.

"Power Cow is a new brand targeted at kids," says Michael Broch Hansen, Marketing Manager, Danya Foods. "Power Cow is fun for the kids and their parents like it because dairy products are healthy. For some time now, the market has been lacking a brand for kids. For us, this provides us with an opportunity to establish ourselves as the supplier of the preferred brand for kids."

The launch of the new brand should also be seen within the context of the fact that a third of the Saudi population is below the age of ten.

"This alone means there is good reason for launching a brand for kids," says Michael Broch Hansen."

Danya Foods has a turnover in the region of DKK 1 billion and employs a staff of approximately 500.

The company has a local production of cream cheese, processed cheese and fruit drinks and operates an extensive sales organisation serving more than 30,000 Saudi retail outlets.

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