You're not alone!

How Arla created a Graduate Programme embedded in a social and professional safety net

My name is Leah Freyberg and I am a Production Management Graduate from batch 2022, here to give you some insight to what to expect as a graduate in Arla Foods.

Let´s be real, starting off in a new place and a new job can be quite intimidating. However, I can guarantee you that you will never feel left alone in Arla! A well-constructed network of Programme Manager, Development Manager, Mentor, Buddy, and of course your fellow Graduates will safely accompany you through the process of becoming one of Arla´s future leaders!

Programme Lead

Let´s begin with one of the most essential people Arla equips you with: Your Programme Lead. In my case, I am happy enough to have the combined force of Frida Egebæk Haarbo (Graduation Programme Coordinator) and Karen Olsen Wosylus (Graduation Programme Manager) behind the planning and coordination of the programme. Together they guide us Graduates through the programme, clarify questions, provide feedback, and make sure everyone has a blast in the process!


On each rotation you will be assigned a Development Manager. Your DM makes sure that your tasks are clearly communicated and that you stay on track. Especially in the beginning of a rotation, it helps to have someone at your side who has a clear view of the big picture and supports you in successfully achieving your tasks.


Your Buddy is an informal contact person, that shares his or her Arla knowledge with you, answers your practical questions, and helps you with strengthening your network within the company. And who would be better suited for such a task than someone who can exactly empathize with your situation? Therefore, each new Graduate is assigned a Buddy from a current or former graduate batch. Who knows, maybe I'm even your future Buddy?


When I first heard the word "Mentor" in conjunction with the PMGP, images of Mr. Myagi from Karate Kid or Master Yoda from Star Wars immediately popped into my head. And I was not completely wrong with this idea. Your Mentor is there to accompany you on your entire journey, to reflect occurring issues, create self-awareness and develop strategies for problem solving together with you. They don´t hand you solutions on a silver platter, but prepare you for your future leadership role by creating a solid foundation of knowledge, skills and behaviour. Or, to put it in the words of Mr. Myagi: “First learn stand, then learn fly”.


Last but DEFINITELY not least, you won´t have to start this exciting journey on your own, but together with a group of people that are just as enthusiastic and motivated as you are. And trust me, these people will become not only colleagues or advisors, but friends for life! You will bond over the shared experience, participation in the training weeks and working on group projects. However, you can always increase the amount a contact on your own behalf, such as having a weekly online Fika or meeting up at a food fair to taste loads of Arla products together!

Leah Freyberg

PM Graduate

Period: 2022-2024

Leah Freyberg