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Being an F15 – what can you expect?

Some of our current graduates have shared their expectations prior to their Graduate Programme journey.

Adam Vulovic, F15 Graduate

I am looking forward to learning and developing at an accelerated phase, growing both personally and professionally. Due to the nature of the program, I expect to experience a lot of differing challenges and situations and in that experience both ups and downs. It will also be engaging to meet and work with a diverse set of people, while building my professional network in a large firm such as Arla. Likewise, I am keen on using these two years to identify more precisely what it is that I want to do the most. It will truly be an exciting period.

Levinia Scotti, F15 Graduate

I expect the next two years to be full of learning, engagement, motivation and challenges. More concretely, I hope that I will be able to have an especially steep learning curve within core business functions, and strategic management challenges. I also hope that I will have the opportunity to contribute with my interest and knowledge at the intersection of health, innovation and sustainability, as well as to use my ability to think and act across disciplines and organisational units in a way that inspires and strategically drives Arla’s ambitious sustainability agenda in the future.

Adam Vulovic


Name: Adam Vulovic 

Position: F15 Graduate 

Period: 2019 

Levinia Scotti


Name: Levinina Scotti

Position: F15 Graduate 

Period: 2019