Food habits

Empowering a good relationship with food

Since 2018, Arla has invited children to food camps in Denmark to come and learn about food, health and sustainability. Last year, 1600 children attended the food camps in Denmark, where they were taught by chefs and teachers about health and food. In doing so, we wish to inspire them to gaining a greater knowledge when it comes to nourishment, but also to become aware of food waste.

Every year, seven tonnes of food is being thrown out, and that’s only in Denmark. We believe that great meals and curiosity can prevent some of the food waste, not to mention nourishing health. 

Scientists are again and again emphasising the importance of varied diet. One of the aims of the food camps is to push the boundaries, so the children are willing to try something new. 

As one of the young participants said at the end of the three day long camp: “I’ve pushed so many boundaries since I came here. I’ve eaten food I would never have eaten otherwise.”