Bregott® history

Bregott® was invented in 1969 and is currently Sweden's most popular brand of butter and cooking fat products. There are six different Bregott® variants.


During the 1960s refrigerators became more common and butter was stored there for practical reasons. However, when kept in a fridge, butter becomes too hard to spread on bread. Then a very clever dairy technician had a bright idea. He tried churning cream with soya oil. The result was Bregott®, which is spreadable direct from the fridge. 

In the forty years or so that Bregott® has graced our sandwiches, the product has become popular because it contains good natural ingredients, including cream and rapeseed oil.


Bregott® is sold in Sweden. There are six variants: normal salted, extra salted, organic, medium, with sea salt and  slightly salted. These popular products are produced at the Arla Foods dairy in Götene, Sweden.