Apetina® is a global everyday cooking/cheese brand, sold in more than 30 countries. Based on fresh, natural and flavourful ingredients, this high-quality range brings inspiration and experimentation into the kitchen. While Apetina is mainly known for its large assortment of white cheese, the Apetina portfolio comprise a broad range of versatile cheeses, including shredded cheese, paneer, halloumi and cream cheese.

Apetina is a popular addition to both hot and cold dishes; the perfect partner for your favourite veggies.

Make your veggies go from dull to delicious

At Apetina®, it is our mission to bring inspiration and ideas into the kitchen, showing how you can easily transform any boring veg dish to a tasty, badass meal. On Apetina.com you will find delicious Apetina recipes and information about our products along with inspiring ideas for taking your veggies to the next level.

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