For long-term results

Values of procurement

We excel in

Cost control

Procurement is always on the lookout for cost saving opportunities which is the foundation for achieving Good Growth. Having a unified approach to strategic sourcing allows us to maximise cost savings on a global scale that add value to the organisation as a whole, and in the end, our farmers.

We pursue


We are dedicated to acting responsibly towards the environment and the communities that we are part of. We ask suppliers to sign our Code of Conduct for Suppliers and we expect suppliers to support us in our commitment towards sustainability. Having high standards sets the direction of the business in seeking alternative ways and becoming more sustainable.

We strive for

Risk mitigation

Operating in a dynamic business environment requires a continuous focus on risk reducing activities. Procurement seeks to mitigate commercial and operational risks by assessing and sometimes auditing suppliers. We want our suppliers to meet our requirements for quality, environment, safety and health as well as complying with our Code of Conduct and our terms and conditions.