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We are all in this together - The F15-Family

It is fantastic to see the energy and spirit of all F15s, not only in our current batch but also in the wider F15 network.


If I were to highlight one of the best out of multiple great things about being an F15, it would be the group spirit! The culture within and between the F15 network, and actually across different batches from different years, is extremely family-like and provides a feeling of security and affiliation. We are all in this together and the progression of being a student into being a full-time employee can be a little overwhelming, so to have a group of people who can truly relate to your feelings and with whom you can share the peaks and valleys of your day-to-day life is invaluable. The value of this network is only enhanced when you are possibly relocating to a new country, culture and company! 

I also found that the F15s are really good in engaging in after work and weekend activities, which I think is great and a way to really build strong relations and teambuilding. Whether it is cooking, doing sports or traveling, there are always likeminded people who loves to join.


It is fantastic to see the energy and spirit of all F15s, not only in our current batch but also in the wider F15 network. Since we all are or have been in the same boat, it is great to have a group of likeminded around you. There is a lot of activity in the group in terms of social activities, which makes the move to a new country and company a smoother process and you’ll have a warm welcome, at least I did! 

We have all been allocated different projects in various parts of the organization, and everyone in the group is eager to learn about each other’s projects. This allows us to gain a better understanding of the company as a whole but also to help each other where needed. Additionally, being all in different parts of the organization there’s a lot of opportunities to broaden your network outside your current project and department.

Only being in for two months I already see the value of the F15 network and I’m sure this will persist in my future rotations and career within Arla!

Magnus Ingemann Christensen

F15 Graduate

Period: 2020

Department: Product Management – International Distributor Sales

Tsjalling Jan Bles

F15 Graduate

Period: 2020

Department: Supply Chain Production