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Transitioning Rotations

Written by Thomas, F15 graduate 2021-2023

Hello, funny seeing you here. I guess you’re curious about the different opportunities within the rotations you can do at Arla and what it is like transitioning from rotation to rotation.

For me, I had a drastic lifestyle change! I went from my first rotation in Copenhagen, a modern European capital city to a newly industrialised country; the Philippines. This Englishman was very shocked at how I had to adapt, not only to my general life, but also to my work.

I think there are three important elements that are useful in transitioning from one rotation to the other.

1. Use the connections you have built up

Even though you may have traveled to the opposite side of the world, people are still interested in your project and will be able to support it. Therefore, don’t forget about the talented individuals you have worked with, use their knowledge and skills to support you in your project. Arla’s culture is built around supporting one another, so make sure to utilize this, as I have found that the best way to learn is to learn from one another.

1. Use the connections you have built up

2. Have an open and growth mindset

As you enter your new rotation you need to be prepared to be thrown into tasks that are outside your comfort zone. In this situation, I have found an open mindset is the best way to keep a positive attitude and most often than not it works in your favour.

2. Have an open and growth mindset

3. Be resilient and accept that you will make mistakes and you’re not an expert

When you enter a new country, be aware that you won’t know all the answers to every question. You will make plenty of mistakes as you learn the ways of working in the new country. You just need to learn to not make the same mistake twice. Failure is something that we all go through, so just keep resilient and stay optimistic that to a problem there is always an answer. I find the best way to overcome this is through breaking the issue down, and seeing what you can do and what you can’t. Then for what you can’t do use your assets; who can you speak to for advice, and what research can you do to find a solution to the issue.

There you have it. Thomas’s top 3 tips for thriving in your new rotation. So, good luck out there and keep positive, as with a brain like yours there’s nothing that can stop you!

Thomas Christian Smith

F15 Graduate

Period: 2021-2023

Department: Arla Philippines Foodservice

Thomas Christian Smith