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The Assessment Center experience – what to expect?

Some of our current graduates are sharing their insights into their experience at the Assessment Center during their recruitment process.

Svetlana Olonina, F15 Graduate 

It was everything Assessment Centers most often aren’t — inspiring, enlightening, and tasty. I was surprised to see so many new people who knew our profiles really well and were genuinely interested in us. And the candidates — glad to have met such brilliant people!

We had a case, an interview, and a cooking session. Some people felt the interview was the most tiresome part, but for me it was the most rewarding: the in-depth 2-hour conversation allowed me to open up and show who I really am. Although preparation helped, it was not the ready-made answers that were expected, but honesty and reflection: I was analyzing my own personality together with the assessors. I left the Assessment Centre knowing that nothing about us had been overlooked and whatever decision Arla would make, their choice would be based on an understanding of our backgrounds, personalities, and aspirations as deep as it is possible during such a short period of time. This fact makes me even happier that I am joining the company — they know me so well and believe I would fit, so this must be a perfect match for me too!

Norbert Baricz, F15 Graduate

From the moment I walked into the building, I felt like I was in good hands and did not need to worry about anything. Everyone I had the opportunity to talk to was very kind and welcoming. It maybe sounds strange, given that I am talking about an Assessment Centre, but I actually found the day as a whole to be quite enjoyable.

I would actually struggle to pick one specific component that I liked most, because each made the day insightful and rewarding in a different way. For example, we had a great collaborative atmosphere in our case team and came up with a solution that we would have all been keen to put into practice right away. I was also positively surprised by the interview, which turned out to be a great opportunity to not only show Arla who we are, but to also reflect on some aspects of our personality work behavior.

Svetlana Olonina


Name: Svetlana Olonina 

Position: F15 Graduate 

Period: 2019 

Norbert Baricz


Name: Norbert Baricz 

Position: F15 Graduate 

Period: 2019