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Starting in Arla: Be open and ready to learn!

Hi! We're Eve and Alex, two F15 Graduates from the UK and Denmark! We started our graduate journey here in 2022 and wanted to tell you about the transition from the ‘Leading Self training week to onboarding into our first roles at Arla. All F15 Graduates have their first rotation in Denmark and we have both started working in Arla Foods Ingredients (AFI). Eve as a Commercial Sustainability Manager in Commercial Excellence and Alex as a Portfolio Excellence Manager in Business Development / R&D 

1. ‘Leading Self’ training week 

The first week at Arla was filled with inspiring presentations delivered by a range of Arla employees who all enthusiastically shared their Arla journeys. They gave us invaluable tips for our career, what it means to work at Arla and how we can shape our own future in the company. After learning about Arla’s core values we were then able to apply this and reflect about who we want to be as future leaders. A particular highlight for us both was the Hogan day where we, with help from Tom Cook, were able to take a deep-dive into our personalities (both our sunny and our rainy days!) and what motivates us.  

2. Christiansfeld Dairy and Gram Slot

Another great experience was our visit to Gram Slot and Christiansfeld Dairy. We got to experience the Arla Dairy process, from the early-morning milking to the development of the final products. It was amazing to see Arla’s core values in action at Gram Slot through their great work and the incredible support they provide to the local community. Furthermore, we were shown how Christiansfeld Dairy is contributing to our Stronger Planet agenda with the energy saving changes that have been made in the factory. 

3. Onboarding

We are now well into our new roles and have already learned more than we could ever imagine thanks to the friendly and collaborative work environment. We have already started working on high-priority projects, and are really looking forward to our next two years as F15 graduates! Hope to see you around 😊

Alexander Dørr

F15 graduate

Period: 2022 – 2024

Eve Long

F15 graduate

Period: 2022 – 2024