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Sneak peek into the F15 Training Camps

As an F15, your personal development is so important that it is one of your very first interactions as an employee. Although after the Introduction Week all graduates go off into different functions and locations, we come together at training camps throughout the programme. It is worth noting that we have four in total, across different countries. 

Here we would like to share some personal reflections on our most inspiring experiences from our trainings on ‘Leading self’ and ‘Leading change’, respectively: 

Godspower: “Imagine the frenzy of arriving in Denmark, three days into what you expect as another five days of boring lectures. Plus, trying to settle in a new country altogether. Well, to add to that, Corona – no, not the beer, COVID-19 guidelines everywhere. Perhaps, you picture something close to terrible? Good job!  

Well, as it turns out and as most training weeks guarantee, I was surprised. Pleasantly, that is. That week, I got a book on Hygge and Danish Lakrids for winning a quiz earlier on the recruitment journey. Also, I met a Dane who was thrilled by Nigerian music. We had dinners (emphasis on ‘s’ here); and yes, the actual lectures were nowhere near boring. Covering novel ideas on communication, the dairy industry, and dare I say, psychology! For the first time, I learned the difference starting a question with ‘why’ makes in the whole conversation.’’

Janique: Despite the fact that we would not be able to meet physically, our second training camp certainly provided me with positive energy and lots of food for thought. I especially enjoyed the inspirational talks from senior leaders in Arla, as well as the deep dives into our Hogan profiles and leadership.  

We learned that our brains are not fit for purpose at the current pace of change, and that change often leaves us with an increased need to belong and feel valued. In leading change, we thus need to first understand ourselves and others – and that’s exactly how these trainings can help us prepare for whatever lies ahead. It is a fantastic opportunity for self-reflection and growth, and we always have a lot of fun, too!’”

Godspower Iserhienrhien

F15 Graduate

Period: 2020

Department: ARINCO Dairy

Janique Koopman

F15 Graduate

Period: 2019

Department: Arla Foods Ingredients - Sustainability