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Growth Mindset is everywhere - The Arla Culture

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  • "In Denmark, I experienced the Arla culture from a market leader’s perspective that aims to shape the industry and create the future of dairy."


    When considering what the Arla Culture means to me, I think back to when I joined the business and what I notice:

    1. Many people I met have been in Arla for many years, and I now understand that this is because of strong investment in peoples’ development.

    2. Growth Mindset is everywhere. A genuinely aspirational atmosphere, where we can always become better. Being on my first rotation in international I experience an entrepreneurial culture every day, where Arla is shaping the sustainable future of dairy in growing markets.

    1. Living the cooperative values. What it means to be a cooperative is defined in our mission. Having worked with farmers in the past, I am really impressed with how people align with the values of being a farmer owned cooperative. Being farmer owned resonates because it enables us to do the right thing by our farmers, people and customers.

      The most important thing to me is that the culture matches my values, if it sounds like this culture matches your values, why not apply to become an F15?



    I have had the pleasure of being part of Arla Foods for just over a year and had the opportunity to work at the Arla headquarter in Denmark and the South East Asia regional office in Kuala Lumpur. In particular, I have been impressed by the immersion and integration of the core Arla values of Lead – Sense – Create in both settings.

    In Kuala Lumpur, I have been exposed to passionate and inspiring leaders in South East Asia responsible for creating a high-performing collaborative culture across different markets tailored to the fast-paced and dynamic landscape of the region. There is an element of a start-up culture, where one is encouraged to learn by doing and trusted to develop and deliver with pace.

    In Denmark, I experienced the Arla culture from a market leader’s perspective that aims to shape the industry and create the future of dairy. There is a strong foundation of structured business processes and objectives. Yet, Arla’s dedication to good growth with purpose and ability to adapt to change stands out greatly. Moreover, I have felt and appreciated the strong commitment and emphasis on professional and personal development in the headquarters.

    Gordon Lamb

    F15 Graduate

    Period: 2020

    Department: HR - International

    Guan Haoran

    F15 Graduate

    Period: 2019

    Department: SEA Retail & Customer Development