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Exceptional recruiters and the Assessment Centre as the final boss

You are thinking of applying to one of our graduate programmes? Check out how Nikolaj and Mette experienced the process and what tips and tricks they have to share.


The recruitment experience

The recruitment process was a thorough process, where we made a recorded interview, completed different personality tests, intelligence test and prepared a case for the Assessment Centre. The process almost felt like different levels in a video game, where the Assessment centre was the final boss!

At the Assessment centre (which was online due to Covid-19) we presented our case and were interviewed, where we used the personality test, which we had completed earlier in the recruitment process, to discuss our strengths and weaknesses in relation to leadership and work. It was a bit overwhelming to meet someone for the first time and then discussing your personality. However, the recruiters were exceptional at making it a comfortable situation and the talk was really giving, productive and inspiring.  

You would assume that having interviews and Assessment centre online different problems would arise. However, the recruiters in the process made the experience comfortable and it was very well-organized through online lobbies, breakout rooms, and interactive sessions. So, you should have no concerns going through the recruitment process online.

We can assure you, that if you go through and are accepted to the programme, you are the right fit for Arla - both regarding personality and values as well as intelligently. This fact made us even happier to join the company — they know all graduates so well and believe we will fit, so this must be a perfect match for us as well!

Tips and tricks

Even before you apply for the program, make some considerations regarding your strengths, and more importantly; your weaknesses. When you apply for this programme, you are new to the business world, so you do not know it all, and this is a very important refelction to make. Try to couple these strengths and weaknesses to your ambitions. Try to map your ambitions for your own development and for your future in Arla.

When entering the Production Management Programme it is an opportunity to develop into being a leader at Arla. Thereby, you should not be a leader from the first day, and acknowledge what you do not know. Showing this ability in the recruitment process will take you a long way!

You are of course welcome to contact us, if you have any questions regarding our experience of the recruitment process.

Good luck and have fun!

Mette & Nikolaj

Mette Noll Nielsen

PMG Graduate 2020

Location: Taulov Dairy, Denmark

Department: Cheese Production/Production

Mette Noll Nielsen

Nikolaj B√łgh Ulriksen

PMG Graduate 2020

Location: Rødkærsbro Dairy, Denmark

Department: Packaging & Logistics

Nikolaj Bøgh Ulriksen