Sweet tasting fruit
and mild cheese

Fruit is a great source of vitamins and minerals, and a slice of delicious cheese high in calcium and protein will complement those sweet and fresh flavours. The perfect combination to start your day or to enjoy as a savoury snack throughout the day.

Gouda - breakfast

Classic start

A good start to the day doesn’t require much. Some toasted fibre-rich wholegrain bread, delicious fresh fruit and a slice of Arla Gouda – a natural source of protein and calcium for your breakfast.

  Calcium   Fibre
  Vitamin C   Protein
Cheddar – on-the-go

Quick Energy

Skip the sugary snack bar when you need some energy during the day. With delicious and sweet apricots, wholegrain crackers, a berry smoothie and a slice of Arla Cheddar, you will be loaded up on naturally tasty energy, when you are on-the-go.

  Calcium   Fibre
  Vitamin C   Protein
Havarti – midday

Afternoon Delight

Yummy! An easy and tasty afternoon snacks of walnuts, honey, figs high in fibre and Arla Havarti – a natural source of calcium and protein.

  Calcium   Fibre
  Vitamin C   Protein
Gouda – snack


For those busy days why not bring a delicious and crunchy snack! Dried bananas and cranberries high in vitamin C, crunchy nuts and a slice of Arla Gouda – a natural source of calcium and protein. 

  Calcium   Fibre
  Vitamin C   Protein
Havarti – evening snack


Enjoy a delicious and sweet dessert with Arla Havarti, a natural source of calcium and protein, tasty pistachio nuts, fresh mint leaves and raspberries high in Vitamin C and fibre.

  Calcium   Fibre
  Vitamin C   Protein

Crunchy bread
and tasty cheese

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