Arla Cheasy® products

Arla Cheasy® products are known for their lightness and flavour.

 Take Arla Cheasy® yoghurt, for example: although it has fewer calories, it still has plenty of flavour. Arla Cheasy® fruit yoghurt contains 40% fewer calories than ordinary skimmed milk yoghurt with fruit and 50% fewer calories than normal full cream yoghurt with fruit.

Arla Cheasy® has no added sugar but contains only sweetener and the natural sugar contained in milk and fruit. Arla Cheasy® comes in a range of flavours – a classic version with strawberries/rhubarb, fruits of the forest and peach melba – as well as other varieties such as apple/cereal, peach/passion fruit and orange/pineapple/mango.

Cheeses in the Arla Cheasy® family have a mild cheese taste but a low fat content of 6% and 13%. Other varieties include Arla Cheasy® Fraiche 6% and Arla Cheasy® Cottage Cheese 1.5%.