Arla Yoggi history

Arla Yoggi® is a range of naturally flavoured yoghurts. The assortment includes low-fat variants and luxuriously creamy types of additive-free yoghurt.


Arla Yoggi® fruit yoghurt was launched in 1971 and became an immediate success. Its successor Lätt Yoggi® containing only 0.5 % fat was launched in 1973. Arla Yoggi® was originally produced in 150 g pots only but the range was extended after a couple of years to include one-litre cartons.

During its 40 years on the market, Arla Yoggi® has been produced in many flavours and pack sizes. To make certain that there is something for everyone, this popular yoghurt range now also includes lactose-free variants.

In spring 2009 Arla launched Sweden's first climate neutral dairy product – Arla Yoggi® yalla!


Arla Yoggi® is sold in Sweden and Denmark. Arla Yoggi® is very popular in Sweden, and it is here that there is the widest range of products on the market. The products are produced mainly at the Linköping dairy in Sweden, but also at the Brabrand dairy in Denmark. The Linköping dairy receives milk from about 175 local Swedish dairy farms.