Arla Köket history

In the beginning there was just a recipe book in the stores. Now Arla Köket® and the brand's cookery products are found on the Internet, apps, tablet PCs and in the social media. All the recipes are carefully tested to guarantee high-quality ingredients, great taste combinations, consistency, simplicity and perfect results.

History of Arla Köket

Arla Köket® has produced Sweden's most widely-used recipe books for years and the website is currently one of Sweden's most popular sources of recipes and food inspiration. The Arla Köket® app for Smartphones and tablet PCs very quickly became a huge hit. The digital media feature weekly meal plans, shopping lists, tips and advice, and more than 1,000 recipes. Arla Köket® also publishes very popular cookery books.

In 2005 Arla launched an assortment of inspiring cookery products under the Arla Köket® brand. From the beginning, the assortment included crème fraîche, yoghurt and Kesella quark. All of these products were given a new uniform packaging design. Today, the assortment has been extended and now includes smetana (Russian-style sour cream), grated cheese, panna (dairy cream for use in sauces), and organic and lactose-free variants.


The goal of Arla Köket® is to be one of Sweden's leading sources of food inspiration. With its innovative products and creative recipes, Arla Köket® inspires consumers throughout Sweden to cook and make high-quality food.

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