Arla Cheese

Arla Danbo

Danbo's history started back in 1896 when Rasmus Nielsen, a dairy worker, was awarded a travelling scholarship that took him to the marshland areas of what was at the time Germany on the border to Russia and Poland.

This is where he came across a particularly fat, Russian marshland cheese which tasted so good that he took the recipe back home to Kirkeby Dairy in Denmark where he worked.

Marshland cheese (in Danish: steppeost) was until 1951 the name of the Danish national cheese Danbo. Danbo is today the most popular cheese in Denmark. There is a range of different brands as well as a wide variety of flavours or grades.

Arla Danbo is produced in Tistrup and Taulov Dairies in Denmark.

Required characteristics for a Danbo Cheese:

Country of origin: Denmark

  • A round eye cheese whose surface  is treated with smear. It is a typically square cheese. 
  • Body and Texture: Semi-hard to hard, elastic and sliceable consistency. Its structure is characterised by a number of pea-sized eyes evenly distributed throughout the cheese. It is possible to add caraway as well as other aromatic herbs, spices or fruit.
  • Taste: Mild, slightly acidulous, aromatic flavour characterised by surface ripening. With age, the smell and taste become more marked.
  • Maturation time: Min. 5 weeks when despatched from the production site.