Arla Buko

Made from pure Danish cream, Arla Buko® offers a unique variety of fresh tasting and ultra-spreadable cream cheese with a range of flavours from Herbs & Spices, Pepper, Provence, Tex-Mex, Toscana and Pineapple.

The Arla Buko® range comprises both processed and cream cheese. The Danes’ favourite is Arla Buko® processed cheese with shrimps while Arla Buko® piquant cream cheese is the most important variety outside Denmark.

This cream cheese is mainly used as a spread on bread and biscuits and in cooking to add great taste to sauces. In 2009, the Buko® Light range was added to the Arla Buko brand family, reducing fat content by 50% compared to the standard. Arla Buko is produced exclusively from natural ingredients.


Dating back to 1932 when production of Buko® processed cheese began in modest premises in Copenhagen, the brand is one of Arla’s oldest. It was not, however, until after the 1945 that Buko® was extended to include cream cheese. Right from the beginning, the product was exported to Germany. Over the years, Arla Buko® cream cheese has evolved to become the most dominant brand of cream cheese in Denmark.


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