Health & Nutrition

Improving health

At Arla we do our best to help consumers make a healthy choice. Removing sugar from several products has proved to be a great success among European customers.

As a responsible food producer, Arla recognises its role in helping people living a healthier life. We believe it’s our responsibility to guide the consumer in choosing sugar reduced or sugar free products.

In the past 15 years Arla has been working to ensure significant sugar reduction across our Arla branded portfolio. 

The Arla Yoggi yogurt range in Denmark is an example of this. In two years, we have removed 500 tons of added sugar from this range. The same goes for the chocolate milk, Mathilde Mild. In 2018 Arla launched it with 30 per cent less sugar. It quickly proved to meet consumers demand. Sales rose by 25 per cent compared to it’s non-sugar reduced counterpart. The same pictures showed in the Cultura and Cheasy range. When reducing sugar, sales have risen by 12 and 15 pct. 

Danish customers are not the only ones wanting a sugar free or sugar reduced choice. The same trends reveal themselves in other European countries. When reducing sugar in the Yoggi yoghurt range in Sweden, the market share increased from 40 per cent to 46 per cent. 

The sugar reduction is part of our brand nutrition criteria. The guidelines are our promise for limiting sugar in Arla branded items.