God Morgon® juice

There is a God Morgon® juice for every breakfast. Today you can choose between classic Orange and Orange/Red Grapefruit, freshly pressed juice, organic juice and also enriched juices (e.g. with added iron and folic acid)


In 1970, Mjölkcentralen  in Sweden decided to distribute and sell orange juice under the brand name Helst. A completely new juice production technique was introduced. The company introduced the same techniques to juice as used in fresh milk production – new cooling technology, new production methods and, above all, new packaging. Before then, juice had been packed in tins and subsequently in glass bottles.

Now, juice could be bought in a practical packaging produced to the same high standards of hygiene as applied to milk. 

After this breakthrough, it became far more popular to drink juice and sales increased during the first half of the 1970's. An important contribution to growth was the introduction of JO® in 1974 - a Swedish juice brand. Until then, concentrated juice had been available only as a frozen product. The new product was more convenient as all you had to do was dilute it with water.

God Morgon® juice was launched at the end of the 1970's and has since become a favourite on many a Nordic breakfast tables.


God Morgon® juice is a popular breakfast drink in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.