History of Castello®

Castello® has been one of Arlas three major brands since 2006. House of Castello® cheeses all have a unique taste and texture, and are produced on the basis of tried and tested craftsmanship.

When Arla Foods acquired the Danish family-owned dairy, Tholstrup Cheese, in 2006, the aim was to gain a firmer foothold in international markets. Tholstrup Cheese was attractive to Arla Foods not only for its quality mould cheese but also for its strong, international brand Castello®.
In 2011, Arla relaunched the House of Castello adding a broader range of speciality cheeses to the brand. Today even more exiting cheeses from the Southern part of Germany has joined the Castello familiy. These cheese are found under the Castello Alp Selection.
The Castello® story began in 1893, when the young visionary, Rasmus Tholstrup, dedicated his life to cheese-making. Thanks to his high standards and hard work, he soon became a pioneer in his field. As his son, Henrik Tholstrup, also shared his passion for cheese, the Castello® blue cheese legacy was in safe hands.

The Danablu family

Blue mould occupies a special place in the Danish dairy industry, particularly because of danablu cheese, which dates back to 1927. This cheese is unique in that it is made from homogenised milk. In 1952, the mould cheese acquired the danablu name and later became one of two Danish cheeses entitled to the EU’s Protected Designation of Origin.