Arla Cheese

Arla Mozzarella

Mozzarella cheese originates in Italy where it was initially made from buffalo milk and eaten as fresh cheese. Mozzarella belongs to the “pasta filata” group of cheeses that are characterised by a distinctive fibre-like structure, which occurs as a result of kneading/stretching fresh cheese curd in hot water.

The traditional Italian Mozzarella cheese contains 55-62% water, but most of the Mozzarella produced throughout the world today, including Arla’s, is described as American Mozzarella and has a water content of 45-52%. This significant difference in water content extends shelf-life considerably and improves “shreddability”. The American Mozzarella also differs from traditional Mozzarella in that it is made from cows’ milk.

Arla Mozzarella is mainly produced at Rødkærsbro Dairy in Denmark.