Arla &MORE Yogurt Smoothie

Revel in the taste sensations of Arla &MORE yogurt smoothies. A naturally nutritious part of a balanced diet that keeps you powered up to go further.

& Beetroot

Yogurt, oats, raspberry and beetroot lifted by a hint of cranberry and honey makes this a wonderfully balanced taste sensation.

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Recharge yourself

Whether working out or working late, our smoothies blending oats and fruit with protein from the yogurt means you can be recharged and ready, whenever.

Reboot your system

Feel reinvigorated with our delicious smoothies twinning the energy of oats and fruit with the natural protein of yogurt. Ready for anything.

Coconut &

Get a tropical boost when you need it most. With this coconut and pineapple yogurt smoothie pairing with a hint of ginger and turmeric, you’ll be sure you’ll be satisfied, naturally.

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Arla &MORE

A satisfying blend of yogurt, oats and buckwheat with tasty fruits and flavours. Helping fuel your life on-the-go, naturally.

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Arla &MORE

Whatever time of day, fuel your life  with a delicious combination of milk, oats, buckwheat, sunflower seeds and fresh flavours.

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Thick and creamy, Arla &More Skyr is great for breakfast or as a tasty snack at home or on-the-go. High in protein, reduced in sugar, fat free and simply delicious.

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Stay engaged throughout the day

Arla &MORE giving you naturally satisfying food on-the-go, so you can focus on what’s important – whatever, whenever.

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