Stay fueled all day with Arla &MORE 

More of the good stuff to keep you powered throughout the day

Sometimes you need small meals to keep you going. That’s why we created these naturally satisfying and delicious porridges, smoothies and yogurts that are protein-packed to keep you powered up – inside, and out, wherever you are.

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An honest & tasty small meal that does the job!

Remain energized whatever time of day with our honest, simple and delicious yogurts filled with good stuff to keep you going.

Small meals.
Big energy.

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Oats & Buckwheat

Our Arla &MORE porridge offering blends oats and buckwheat to keep you satisfied and ready for anything, whenever you need it.

Go further with frequent smaller meals

With several well-rounded, smaller meals filled with good stuff like protein and fruits, you can stay focused and driven to go further whether you’re working out in the gym, or simply working.

Oats & Yogurt

Our gluten-free oats and yogurt smoothies pack a serious punch. Combining oats, Arla yogurt – a natural source of protein - with yummy fruity flavours, the perfect way to stay alert on busy days.

Small portions.
Pure inner power.

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Refuel with a quick meal in, or out, the office

Power up with confidence and naturally satisfying yogurts that pack a healthy punch twinning delicious taste with protein. It’s the perfect guilt free go-to for busy days.

Deliciously nutritious

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Fruit & Grains

The perfect creamy blend of yogurt, fruits, grains and seeds give you the energy you need, whenever, wherever.

A healthy in-between meal can take your further

It’s all about giving your body nutrient dense foods and providing you with energy to take on the day. So why not try a small and tasty in-between meal that takes you further?

Icelandic style yogurt

Thick and creamy, Arla &More Skyr is great for breakfast or as a tasty snack at home or on-the-go. High in protein, reduced in sugar, fat free and simply delicious!

Tasty &



Avoid those hunger pangs in the office, at home or on-the-go with simple ways to increase your energy and concentration!

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