Arla wants to be known as the dairy company that makes an effort to spread more knowledge about organic products - making organic dairy products accessible and relevant to a large group of consumers.

If organic products become a niche product - designed for a narrow, resourceful target group – it will have no importance to the environment, nor to you as a consumer. 

The size of our dairy company means that we can make a big and important difference when we sell organic dairy products. Sustainable growth is key to be able to bring out more organic products to you as a consumer and thereby meet the strongest consumer trend in the market.

In Scandinavia, organic products have been sold for decades, and Arla Foods has become known as the largest organic dairy supplier in Scandinavia. For the fact that Arla Foods is the world’s No.1 organic dairy producer, we know what we are doing to bring you the freshest milk from our grass to your glass. With our true innovation capabilities, Arla Organic milk is frozen to preserve its quality until it reaches to you. Using this process, virtually all the properties of our organic milk content remains in its original condition in a safe, quick and quality manner.  Freezing can be a very good way to preserve the nutritional value, texture and flavour of milk and many other foods. In Arla, we ensure stringent quality checks at every step of our production process so that the milk from our organic farm reaches the dairy in the shortest time possible at the time of freezing before finally arriving tasting as fresh as can be for you.

Our goals for organic dairy production are to:

  • Help to set new standards for innovation and quality in organic products.
  • Make organic products accessible to all - they must be affordable, and we will ensure that the product quality meets the modern consumer demands.
  • Continue promote organic products in the stores - by launching more and more organic variants in most dairy product categories.
  • Further development of cooperation with interested organizations, institutions and other dairy companies to create a dynamic and exciting marketplace for organic products.
  • Continue with the positive developments occurring in markets outside Scandinavia.


Organic and Arla

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