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Arla’s Icelandic-style skyr is a great source of go-to goodness. Made in Germany, it is fat free, high in protein and reduced sugar, making it perfect for breakfast or a snack during the day.


Thick and deliciously creamy, Arla® skyr is a great source of go-to goodness whether you’re enjoying it for breakfast or a satisfying snack throughout the day. High in protein and reduced in sugar, it’ll keep you full and sustained while you’re out there enjoying everything the world’s got to offer. So avoid that hunger dip and stay active with a bowl of Arla® skyr.

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High in protein, low in fat and reduced in sugar, Arla® skyr is made from all natural ingredients, making it a great way to give yourself a boost throughout the day. Available in the Icelandic flavours of Nordic Mixed Berry, Nordic Sour Cherry and Apple & Lingonberry, it’s a tasty snack that’ll help you stay satisfied.

Like many Icelandic stories, Orri Sigurdsson's is one of extraordinary strength. No-one knows the secret behind this small island's greatness, but we do know they've been eating skyr for over a thousand years.

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