Stuffed savoury pancakes with mozzarella, smoked pork leg and cherry tomatoes

A recipe by Alexandros Papandreou

Preparation Time: 15 minutes

Cooking Time: 4-5 minutes

For 2 person



4 slices of smoked pork leg

100gr Arla® mozzarella, grated

20 cherry tomatoes

150gr Arla® fresh cream cheese

30gr baby rucola

For the pancakes:

200gr self-rising flour

1 pinch of salt

4 eggs, divided in yolk & white

330gr milk

50gr Lurpak® Lighter butter, melted

A little bit of Lurpak® Lighter butter for cooking



Using a sharp knife, cut on a wooden chopping board, the slices of smoked pork leg into thin sticks and half of the cherry tomatoes, into half pieces. 

For the pancakes, add in a large bowl, flour, salt, yolks, milk and Lurpak® Lighter butter melted and stir with a whisk until well mixed and smooth.

Beat the whites until you have a dense meringue and then add the meringue into the flour mix with a silicone spatula, mixing in gentle, circular motions.

When the mix is ready, add the smoked pork leg, the grated Arla® mozzarella and the slices of cherry tomatoes. Mix well and carefully.

Add some butter in a non-stick pan, let it melt and with a small wooden spoon, place in the pan 2-3 spoons of of the pancake mix, depending on the size of the pan.

Cook each pancake for approximately 2 minutes on each side, until golden and fluffy.

When the pancakes are ready, take the pan off the heat, place the pancakes on a wooden chopping board and serve in individual plates one on top of the other, in layers, adding in between Arla® fresh cream cheese, baby rocula and the rest of the cherry tomatoes halves.